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U.S. President Offers Support To Karzai

U.S. President Barack Obama today described his Afghan counterpart as "a critical partner" in the fight against Al-Qaeda.

But Obama told U.S. television network ABC that President Hamid Karzai still faces a "challenge" in dealing with domestic politics.

He made the comments to ABC after Karzai recently angered Washington by accusing foreigners of interfering in Afghanistan's affairs.

U.S. national security adviser General Jim Jones told reporters today that the United States expects Karzai to meet with Obama in Washington next month as planned.

Earlier, in Chicago, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Karzai might not always do or say what the NATO allies would like. But he said NATO "in general" has "very good cooperation" from Karzai and his government.

compiled from agency reports