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Afghan-Pakistani Clerics Agree To Hold Conference In Early March

ISLAMABAD -- Senior Pakistani and Afghan clerics have agreed to hold a peace conference on March 10.

Speaking to journalists on February 12, Pakistani cleric Abu Huraira Mahiuddin said that some 500 religious scholars from both countries will participate in the event in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

He said the conference's aim is to explore ways to promote peace and security in Afghanistan and the rest of the Islamic world.

However, he said that the event would not endorse or oppose any particular faction in the two countries.

Senior Pakistani and Afghan clerics agreed to hold the conference on February 11.

In November 2012, Kabul and Islamabad first announced plans to hold the conference.

Clerics from the two countries are expected to denounce suicide bombings and other extreme forms of violence.

With reporting by AP