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Afghan Lawmakers Demand Karzai Inaugurate New Parliament

Afghan President Hamid Karzai
Around 100 Afghan lawmakers today demanded that President Hamid Karzai inaugurate a new parliament by December 19, despite continuing disputes over the results of a fraud-marred election.

Afghanistan has effectively been without a parliament since the disputed September 18 vote.

There have been reports over the weekend of the attorney general's office asking the country's top court to annul the results, but the group of lawmakers today said neither body has the authority to "interfere in the election process."

The top prosecutor, a close ally of the president, says he wants to investigate the Independent Election Commission, alleging that its members were bribed.

The IEC threw out some 1.3 of 5.6 million votes cast and disqualified 24 early winners who between them took around 10 percent of seats in the 249-member parliament.

compiled from agency reports