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Al-Qaeda Ordered Suspect To Carry Out Attack In Germany

German prosecutors say that one of three alleged members of Al-Qaeda detained in Germany was ordered by a high-ranking member of the group last year to carry out an attack in the country.

Deputy Federal Prosecutor General Rainer Griesbaum told reporters in Berlin on April 30 that the 29-year-old suspect, identified as Abdelakim El-K, "was ordered by a high-ranking member of Al-Qaeda in 2010 to carry out an attack in Germany."

Griesbaum said the suspects had begun preparing explosives for the attack but that a target had not been selected.

The head of the German federal police, Joerg Zierck, said Abdelakim El-K had been living illegally in Germany since November 2010 and had connections in Austria, Morocco, Kosovo, and Iran.

compiled from agency reports