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Algeria: 48 Hostages Killed

A still image broadcast on Algerian TV shows hostages surrendering to Islamist gunmen at the gas facility.
Algerian security sources are now saying it appears at least 48 hostages were killed during the four-day siege at a gas complex in the eastern part of the country.

Earlier reports could only confirm 23 hostages were killed but Algerian troops searching the vast In Amenas gas complex discovered the bodies of 25 more hostages on January 20.

About 20 hostages remain unaccounted for as troops continue their search.

The Algerian government says 32 hostage-takers were killed.

Algerian authorities initially said all the Islamic militants who seized the complex were killed but the government announced the arrest of five suspected militants and said three more were being sought.

The number matches that given in a statement by the suspected organizer of the attack, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, who was not present at In Amenas.

Based on reporting by the BBC, Reuters, and AP