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Iconic Georgian Writer Chabua Amirejibi Dies At 92

Chabua Amirejibi
TBILISI -- An iconic Georgian writer and Soviet-era dissident, Chabua Amirejibi, has died in Tbilisi at the age of 92.

Amirejibi became well-known in the former Soviet Union for his novel "Data Tutashkhia," which was translated into Russian in 1976.

The novel's major character, Data Tutashkhia, a Georgian outlaw of the Imperial Russian period, became a popular hero across the former Soviet Union after a blockbuster television show, "The Coasts," based on the novel, was aired in the late 1970s.

Amirejibi was also known for his lengthy gulag experience. He was arrested in 1944 on coup-plot charges and sentenced to 25 years in prison in Siberia.

After 15 years in prison, three prison escapes, and two death sentences, he was ultimately rehabilitated in 1959 and began his literary career in his late 30s.