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Argentina Announces Suspension Of Russia's RT TV Broadcasts

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner launched a Spanish-language RT channel in 2014.

Argentine authorities announced on June 11 that they are suspending the broadcast of Russia's news channel RT, effective in 60 days.

RT's 24-hour newscasts in Spanish in Argentina began in October 2014 with considerable fanfare, launched with a joint televised linkup between Russian President Vladimir Putin and then-Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner.

Argentina's agreement to include RT in Argentina's government-run television lineup was the first instance of a foreign broadcaster getting such an opportunity. The channel is available to more than 80 percent of Argentina's population.

Political analyst Adrian Salbuchi said the reason Argentina gave for suspending the RT broadcasts is it wants to devote RT's frequency spot to domestic broadcasts.

But he said the decision probably reflects the more conservative leanings of the new Argentinian government of President Maricio Macri, which was inaugurated in December.

The government also is suspending a Venezuelan television channel that had been authorized by the previous left-leaning government, and is inviting the U.S. network CNN to establish a station in the country.

Based on reporting by, TASS, and Sputnik News