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Arrested Russian Opposition Activist Sent To Psychiatric Clinic

MOSCOW -- An activist of Russia’s opposition Solidarity movement has been arrested sent to a psychiatric clinic for alleged antigovernment action.

Nadezhda Nizovkina was arrested after she came to Red Square in Moscow on February 26 with a placard saying "Lubyanka Should Be Demolished!"

Lubyanka is the unofficial name for Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB), formerly KGB, headquarters.

An activist of the Other Russia opposition movement, Vera Lavreshina, who accompanied Nizovkina, told journalists that after Nizovkina was released from a police station she was taken to the Gannushkin psychiatric clinic in Moscow.

Lavreshina herself was forced to undergo an examination in a psychiatric clinic in Moscow several days ago in connection with her opposition activities.

During Soviet times, it was a common practice of the KGB to compel dissidents to undergo psychiatric examinations.