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U.S. Defense Chief Says 'Ingredients' In Place To Fight IS

U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter says the United States has the right "ingredients" of a strategy to combat Islamic State (IS) militants.

Carter, sworn in on February 17, was speaking after a day of meetings with top U.S. military and diplomatic leaders.

Carter chaired the February 23 meetings at a U.S. military camp in Kuwait to focus on strategy to tackle IS militants.

Carter said the U.S.-led aerial bombing campaign in Iraq is going well, and he expressed confidence that the U.S. military is well suited to carrying out a longer-term effort to train and equip an opposition rebel force in Syria.

He specified two areas for needed improvement in the overall strategy: more creative use of social media to counter the militants' messaging campaign, and getting more out of some coalition member countries, which he did not name.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters