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Azerbaijani Aliyev's Signature Lists Presented For Presidential Candidacy

Azerbaidjai President Ilham Aliyev
President Ilham Aliyev's list of signatures has been presented to Azerbaijan's Central Election Commission for his registration for October's presidential election.

The executive secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan party, Siyavus Novruzov said on August 20 that some 900 signature lists with 45,000 signatures, and other documents required for official registration were presented.

Aliyev, who succeeded his father as president, has held power since 2003. Seventeen candidates have filed documents with the Central Election Commission and 12 have been officially approved as presidential candidates.

Azerbaijani united opposition factions have nominated a 74-year-old Oscar-winning screenwriter, Rustam Ibragimbekov, as their candidate this month.

Ibragimbekov is currently outside Azerbaijan and working on giving up his joint Russian citizenship in order to be an eligible candidate.

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