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Azerbaijan Extends Quarantine, Toughens Restrictions As Coronavirus Cases Increase

The capital, Baku, will be under full lockdown from December 14.

BAKU -- Azerbaijan has extended the coronavirus quarantine and toughened movement restrictions amid an increasing number of infections in the country.

The government's coronavirus task force said on December 8 that the quarantine has been extended until January 31.

The statement also said that the capital, Baku, and several other key towns and cities will be put under a full lockdown from December 14 until January 18.

Transportation between the towns and cities will be suspended and residents will be allowed to leave their homes three times a day after receiving text-message permits for essential shopping and critical situations.

Additionally, all customer services in the county will be suspended as well, meaning that all shops and catering facilities, including restaurants, cafes, and teahouses, will be allowed to offer clients only takeaway or online services, the statement said.

Health officials said on December 8 that the daily number of new coronavirus cases has been on the rise in recent weeks.

The total registered number of coronavirus cases in the South Caucasus nation is 154,152, including 1,713 deaths.