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Azerbaijani Woman In Grave Condition After Another Self-Immolation

The funeral of Zaur Hasanov who died after self-immolating late last month.
BAKU -- Another act of self-immolation in Azerbaijan -- the fourth in a month -- has left a 21-year-old woman in grave condition.

A woman poured gasoline on herself and set herself on fire in the capital, Baku, on January 30.

The woman suffered severe burns over 75 percent of her body. Her motives are unclear.

The incident took place two days after a veteran of the 1990s Nagorno-Karabakh war set himself alight in central Barda district to protest against local authorities who refused to allocated him a parcel of land to build a house. He is also in hospital.

In another instance, a man set himself alight for unknown reasons in the central Yevlax district earlier this month for unknown reasons.

The death of a Karabakh war veteran, Zaur Hasanov, who self-immolated late last month in Baku caused a public outcry.

He was protesting perceived injustices by a senior pro-government official.