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Azerbaijani Opposition Activist Gets Seven Days In Prison

BAKU -- An activist from Azerbaijan's opposition Popular Front Party (AXCP) has been sentenced to seven days in prison.

A court in Baku sentenced Turan Ibrahim on January 14 after finding him guilty of using vulgar words in public, resisting police, and disrupting public order.

He was detained near his house late on January 13.

Ibrahim's relatives say he hasn’t had any conflicts with police, suggesting that his arrest and sentencing might be linked to his recent postings on Facebook criticizing Azerbaijani officials.

His arrest came as protests broke out in a handful of districts across Azerbaijan on January 13 in the latest sign of mounting frustration over joblessness, price hikes, and other economic woes in the oil-rich Caucasus country.

Ibrahim is a member of the AXCP's youth committee. His father, Mammad Ibrahim, who is an adviser to the AXCP chairman, has been in custody since late September on hooliganism charges.

Mammad Ibrahim rejects the charges as politically motivated.