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RFE/RL Reporter Briefly Detained, Questioned By Police In Azerbaijan

RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service reporter Turkhan Karimov (file photo)

BAKU -- An RFE/RL correspondent has been briefly detained and questioned by police in Baku, and warned "not to be critical of the government."

Turkhan Karimov says he was stopped near his home on the morning of November 28 by plainclothes police officers who forced him into a vehicle and took him to in Baku's Narimanov district police office.

Karimov was released after several hours of questioning.

He says he was asked about his work and salary, as well as about Khadija Ismayilova, a prominent journalist and government critic.

Karimov says the district police chief warned him to be "careful about what he was doing" and told him "all citizens should support the government."

With some 80,000 followers on Facebook, Karimov is a well-known journalist in Azerbaijan.

The government in Baku has long been criticized for its crackdowns on journalists, human right activists, and political opponents.