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Pakistani Man Wanted For Deadly Bombing At Bangkok Shrine

Thai police have obtained an arrest warrant for a Pakistani man linked to a deadly bombing in Bangkok in August blamed on a human-smuggling gang that moves ethnic Uyghurs out of China.

The September 17 warrant names Abdul Tawab on charges of conspiracy to possess explosives and unauthorized war materials.

It says the 40-year-old Tawab frequented an apartment where police found bomb-making materials and arrested another suspect.

Tawab is the first Pakistani suspect wanted in connection with the August 17 bombing at the Erawan Shrine in central Bangkok that killed 20 people.

Twelve other warrants have been issued for a Thai woman and 11 men thought to be Turkish or Chinese, or whose nationalities are unknown.

Two men have been arrested so far.

Police say the motive for the bombing was revenge for interference by Thai authorities in their smuggling business.

Authorities insist the perpetrators are part of a criminal network, and did not have political motives.

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