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BBC Persian Journalist Prevented From Flying To U.S.

A reporter with the Persian Service of the BBC says she was prevented from flying to the United States because she was born in Iran.

The journalist, Rana Rahimpour, wrote on Twitter on January 19 that she was turned away from her flight at London's Heathrow airport because of a new regulation under which European Union citizens who are dual nationals of Iran, Iraq, Syria, or Sudan, or traveled to those countries in the past five years, need to apply for a visa.

Rahimpour said she was planning to visit relatives in New Jersey.

The new visa restrictions passed last month in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, have been criticized by some Iranians and others as “discriminatory.”

Rahimpour, who was born in Iran, has a British passport.

She described the new rules as “very unfair.”

“To be treated differently from other British citizens because of my Iranian heritage is very distressing,” she was quoted as saying.

Based on reporting by Politico, The New York Times, and the BBC