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Belarus Denies Helping Iran In Defiance Of UN Sanctions

Uncovered? Soldiers cover multiple missile launcher "Smerch" as they take part in a military exercise near the Belarusian town of Osipovichi. (file photo)
Belarus's Foreign Ministry has denied reports that the country is supplying Iran with missile and nuclear technology in defiance of UN sanctions.

Reuters on September 14 quoted "Western diplomats" as saying there are suspicions that Belarus is becoming a key player in helping Iran develop missile-to-missile and nuclear technologies.

"This information is wrong. Belarus abides by UN sanctions and has never violated them," Belarus Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Savinykh said. He called the reports of illegal Belarus-Iranian cooperation "another attempt to cast a shadow over our country."

Reuters quoted "UN sources" as saying suspicions of Belarus's help to Iran would be raised by a panel of UN experts due in Belarus later this month.

compiled from agency reports