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Bradley Manning Trial Due To Start

Bradley Manning could face life imprisonment if found guilty of all the charges against him.
Bradley Manning, the United States Army soldier accused of giving secret information to WikiLeaks in the biggest disclosure of classified U.S. material in history, is due to face a court martial on June 3.

Manning, 25, is charged with providing WikiLeaks with hundreds of thousands of secret U.S. government files.

He faces being sent to jail for life if convicted in the court martial at Fort Meade, near Washington.

Manning has agreed to plead guilty to some charges, but denies the most serious charge of aiding America’s enemies.

Manning, who has spent the past three years in custody, says his action was aimed at triggering debate about U.S. military actions and policies.

The government says the leaks damaged U.S. national security and endangered the lives of Americans.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters