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Brazil Arrests Serbs In Drug Bust

Serbian Justice Minister Snezana Malovic
Authorities in Brazil say police have arrested at least 16 people who are suspected of involvement with a Serbian-led organization that is accused of shipping drugs to Europe.

Brazilian police said eight of those arrested are Serbian citizens.

Serbian Justice Minister Snezana Malovic said the suspects include Goran Nesic, who is on Serbia's most-wanted list for drug trafficking crimes, and that Serbia will seek his extradition.

Nesic was reportedly convicted in Serbia for drug trafficking, but fled the country to avoid an eight-year prison sentence.

Serbian officials said they worked with Brazilian authorities and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration on the case. The two-year investigation is reported to have included the seizure of 620 kilograms of cocaine and around $1.2 million.

compiled from agency reports