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Britain Arrests Radical Cleric Again

Abu Qatada is driven from Long Lartin Prison in South Littleton in February.
British authorities say they have arrested a radical Muslim cleric accused of strong ties to Al-Qaeda and will resume proceedings to deport him to his native Jordan.

London has been trying to deport Abu Qatada since 2005, saying he poses a risk to national security.

In January, the European Court of Human Rights blocked Qatada's deportation to Jordan, where he faces terrorism charges, saying evidence obtained by torture might be used against him.

British authorities have been seeking assurances from Jordan this will not be the case.

The Palestinian-Jordanian cleric had spent more than six years in prison.

He has been described as a leading Al-Qaeda figure in Europe, with ties to the late Osama bin Laden.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP