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British Prime Minister Addresses Parliament Over Riots

Firefighters douse a burnt out building following following a night of violence on the streets of London.
British Prime Minister David Cameron has told Parliament that his government is "acting decisively" to deal with the worst riots in Britain in recent history.

"There will be no complacency and we will not stop until this mindless violence and thuggery is defeated and law and order is fully restored on all of our streets," he said.

Cameron, in a statement at a special session of parliament on August 11, outlined a series of measures to end the rioting, looting and arson that English cities have witnessed over the past four days.

Cameron said Britain will consider calling in the army in case of future riots to free up police to deal with troublemakers.

He said the government will give police more powers and also compensate people who lost their homes or businesses in the rioting.

He vowed those involved in the rioting will be prosecuted and punished.

He said the riots had nothing to do with politics or protests, but were motivated by theft.

More than 1,000 people have been arrested in London and other cities over the rioting which began on August 6 after a protest over the police shooting of a man in London.

Cameron earlier this week recalled parliament from summer recess to discuss the riots.

compiled from agency reports