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Chechen Authorities Release Amriyev On Own Recognizance

A picture of Murad Amriyev (center) after he was returned to Grozny

A Chechen man who was returned to Russia by Belarusian authorities, despite warnings that he could be tortured or killed by Chechen authorities, was released from custody in Grozny late on June 9 on his own recognizance.

The Interior Ministry’s department for Chechnya said on June 10 that Murad Amriyev was handed over to his close relatives in Grozny after he agreed to abide by travel restrictions.

The ministry’s press service said Amriyev’s relatives "took him home" after he gave a short press conference in Grozny.

Amriyev, a former mixed martial arts champion from Chechnya who says he was tortured by police there in 2013, had fled to Belarus on June 7 after evading Chechen police who were trying to take him into custody.

Chechen authorities say they want to question Amriyev about allegations that he intentionally used a false passport.

Amriyev's lawyer and relatives say the allegations are a farce

The United States on June 9 expressed concerns for Amriyev's "safety and well-being" after Belarus returned him to Russia.

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