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Roof Collapses At Chornobyl Nuclear Plant

The first section of a colossal, arch-shaped structure that will cover the exploded reactor at the Chornobyl nuclear power station in Ukraine.
Ukrainian authorities say that the roof above a section of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant has collapsed under the weight of snow.

The roof was built after the 1986 reactor explosion at the plant, but it is not part of the sarcophagus structure built to contain radioactive material after the catastrophic accident.

Ukraine's emergency agency said in a statement that there were no injuries or any increase in radiation from the plant.

It affected a 600-meter-long section of the roof.

Workers have begun cleaning the debris and removing the snow.

A new structure is being built to cover the old concrete sarcophagus because of concerns about its deterioration and potential instability.

Based on reporting by AFP and ITAR-TASS