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COVID-19: Azerbaijan Tightens Quarantine Regime To Curb Spread Of Virus

Azerbaijani security officers wearing protective face masks check the documents of a man in Baku. (file photo)

BAKU -- Azerbaijan will close all educational institutions, including kindergartens, for two weeks starting on October 19 due to a sharp rise in the number of coronavirus cases in the country.

Authorities said on October 16 that the use of Baku's metro system will also be closed during that period.

Only one-third of public-sector employees will continue working at their workplaces during the October 19 to November 2 period, while the rest will be working from home.

High-risk people older than 65 are recommended not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.

Depending on the school level, classes in Azerbaijan started on September 15, October 1, and October 15.

However, pupils went to school only a few days a week and classes were mostly held online.

The South Caucasus country of almost 10 million people had reported 43,280 coronavirus cases and 619 deaths as of October 15.