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Cybercrime Ring Takes $45 Million

U.S. authorities say a cybercrime ring stole $45 million by hacking into a database of prepaid debit cards and making withdrawals from thousands of automated cash machines in 27 countries.

It is being called one of the biggest bank thefts in history.

Countries where cash machines were plundered include France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States.

U.S. prosecutors said the operation occurred in two phases, in December and February.

U.S. authorities have detained seven people on charges they were part of the New York cell of the ring.

They are accused of withdrawing $2.8 million in cash in less than one day.

The accused ringleader of the U.S. cell was reportedly murdered in the Dominican Republic last month.

Based on reports from AP, AFP, and Reuters