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In China, U.S. Official Promotes Military Ties

White House national security adviser Tom Donilon
The United States has called for deeper military relations with China that would "contribute to greater mutual confidence and understanding."

White House national security adviser Tom Donilon made the remarks at a meeting with senior Chinese military leader Fan Changlong in Beijing on May 28.

He said the two countries should work to face "nontraditional security challenges" including peacekeeping, antipiracy operations, and disaster relief.

Fan called for a "new type of major power relations."

Donilon met with Chinese officials over two days to hammer out plans for a June summit in California between the U.S. and Chinese presidents, Barack Obama and Xi Jinping.

Washington has repeatedly questioned the purpose of China's heavy military buildup, while Beijing is deeply suspicious of U.S. plans to redeploy troops to the Asia-Pacific region.

Based on reporting by Reuters, AP