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Dreamliner Makes First Commercial Flight

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner is 20 percent more fuel-efficient than similarly sized models.
Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner aircraft is making its first commercial flight on October 25.

The airplane is due to fly from Tokyo to Hong for Japan's All Nippon Airways.

Because of the materials used in its construction, the Dreamliner is the first medium-sized plane capable of flying greater distances than normal for that size of aircraft.

Boeing says the Dreamliner is its most fuel-efficient airliner to date. Given the fact that it is made from very light composite materials it is around 20 percent more fuel-efficient than similarly sized airplanes.

The development of the plane ran three years behind schedule and billions of dollars over budget.

The maiden flight on October 26 is a chartered flight, with normal services due to begin in November.

One passenger paid $34,000 in an auction for a seat on the Dreamliner's first commercial flight.

compiled from agency reports