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Egypt's President Denounces Violence Outside Coptic Church

Egyptians sit near a burnt car after clashes between Muslims and Christians in Khusus, El-Kalubia governorate, about 25 kilometers northeast of Cairo, on April 6.
Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi has condemned violence outside Cairo's main church that left one person dead and dozens more wounded.

Clashes erupted after the funerals of four Coptic Christians at St. Mark's Cathedral on April 7.

Mourners leaving the church fought with local residents. Police fired tear gas to break up the violence.

State media said Morsi denounced the violence in a phone call to Pope Tawadros II, the head of the Coptic Christian Church. Tawadros called for calm.

The four who were buried on April 7 had died in clashes with Muslims on April 4 in a town north of Cairo.

That violence was allegedly sparked by accusations that local Christians had made offensive drawings on the wall of a local religious school.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP