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Egyptian Opposition Calls For Urgent Talks To End Crisis


Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi
Prominent Egyptian opposition leader Muhammad ElBaradei is urgently calling for talks between President Muhammad Morsi, Islamic groups, and the opposition to address the country's ongoing political crisis.

The National Salvation Front (NSF) leader wrote on his Twitter account that measures should be taken to "end the violence and begin a serious dialogue."

Two days earlier, ElBaradei and the NSF had rejected Morsi's call for dialogue.

Morsi declared a state of emergency in three cities along the shores of the Suez Canal on January 28.

The declaration came after more than 50 people were killed in days of unrest that coincided with the two-year anniversary of Egypt's popular revolution.

Morsi left for Germany on January 30 for a brief visit to seek foreign investment and convince Europe of his democratic credentials.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP