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Egyptian Opposition Calls For 'No' Vote In Referendum

Egyptian opposition supporters shout slogans during a march heading to the presidential palace in Cairo on December 11 to protest against the upcoming referendum on the new draft constitution.
Egypt's main opposition group has called for a "no" vote in a referendum on the country's controversial draft constitution.

The National Salvation Front said on December 12 that it would instead call for a boycott if not enough judges monitored polling stations and the state did not provide adequate security.

They also demand the participation of international observers.

The referendum is set to begin on December 15.

The opposition says the draft constitution falls short of guaranteeing rights for all citizens and was unfairly written by Islamist allies of President Muhammad Morsi.

The controversy has prompted mass rallies across the country.

Meanwhile, Egypt's military has postponed talks planned for December 12 between President Morsi and the opposition.

The army said the delay was due to the low level of responses from those invited.

Based on reporting by Reuters, AFP, and AP