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Eight Iraqi Security Forces Killed In Attacks

At least eight police and soldiers have been killed and 20 wounded in a string of attacks across Iraq.

Security officials said militants targeted the police and army in at least nine attacks late on July 3 and on July 4 in Baghdad, Kirkuk, Mosul, and elsewhere.

Separately, a rocket fired from southeast Baghdad struck near the Rashid Hotel in central Baghdad late on July 4, killing three hotel employees and wounding eight others.

Analysts say Iraq has seen a rise in attacks as U.S. forces prepare to withdraw by December.

Fourteeen U.S. soldiers were killed in June, the deadliest month in three years for U.S. forces in Iraq.

It was also the worst month for civilian deaths since January.

Against that backdrop, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has urged Iraqi lawmakers to consider whether to allow some U.S. combat troops to stay beyond their year-end departure deadline.

compiled from agency reports