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EU Police Agency Warns Of Likely New IS Attacks

A suspected member of the Islamic State jihadist group is led away by Austrian police from the court in Linz in July 27.

The European Union's police agency has warned of the possibility of new attacks by Islamic State (IS) militants, most likely against countries fighting in the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq and Syria.

Europol said in a report published on December 2 that there may be as many as several dozen people in Europe with the ability to commit terrorist attacks.

The report warned that attacks in the past two years in France and Belgium show that extremists can effectively plan complex attacks. It said tactics including the use of car bombs could also be used in Europe.

Europol also said there was a shift in targets from symbolic ones, like police officers and military personnel, to indiscriminate attacks on soft targets. That includes the Paris attacks in 2015, which targeted a nightclub and a soccer stadium.

Based on reporting by AP