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France Gives Refugee Status To 60 From Dismantled Calais Camp

A teddy bear left behind by migrants hangs at the demolished "Jungle" camp in Calais in northern France, late last year.

France has given refugee status to 60 migrants who were among the thousands forced last October to leave the makeshift camp in Calais known as the "Jungle."

A statement from the prefecture of the northern region that includes Calais said a ceremony was held on January 24 that granted the status of refugee to the 60 individuals.

The nationalities of the 60 weren't specified, but Afghans and Sudanese were the most numerous migrants in the now-closed camp.

They were given asylum in less than three months.

The process normally takes more than a year.

They now have the right to live legally in France.

Thousands of others are waiting to learn their fate in special centers set up around France for the migrants who were expelled en masse from the Calais camp.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP