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Polls Suggest France's Far-Right Party Routed In Second-Round Vote

Pollsters in France are predicting that the country’ far-right National Front party was routed in the second round of regional elections on December 13, with some estimates suggesting the party failed to win in a single region.

Exit polls from the second-round ballot suggest that even the National Front’s leader, Marine le Pen, and her niece failed to secure victories.

Le Pen and her anti-immigration party had won the first-round vote on December 6, just weeks after extremists with ties to the Islamic State militant group killed 130 people in a series of terrorist attacks across Paris.

The strong first-round showing for the National Front prompted the Socialist Party to pull out of races in northern and southeastern France and urge their supporters to support conservative candidates from a center-right alliance in order to prevent far-right victories.

Based on reporting by AFP, AP, and Reuters