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Protesters Attack French Police Station Over Veil Incident

France banned the wearing of face-covering veils in 2011.
Muslim protesters threw stones and set fires at a police station in the Paris suburbs after police fined a woman for wearing a veil in public.

Several hundred people gathered late on July 19 outside the police station in Trappes, 30 kilometers from Paris, to protest the arrest of a man whose wife received a ticket for wearing the veil.

The protest turned violent with demonstrators vandalizing a bus garage and setting fire to trash cans.

At least two policemen and a teenage boy were injured in clashes between protesters and police officers. Six people were detained.

Police fined the Muslim woman on July 18 when she was seen wearing a veil in public, something banned by a 2011 law.

The woman's husband attacked the policeman issuing the fine and was taken into custody for assaulting an officer.

Based on reporting by AP and dpa