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FSB Says 'Terrorist' From Central Asia Killed Near Moscow

The body of an alleged terrorist lies on the ground during an FSB operation in Khimki, outside Moscow, on July 27.

MOSCOW -- Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) says it has killed a person from Central Asia who "planned a terrorist attack" in Moscow.

The FSB said on July 27 that the man, whose identity was not disclosed, was killed after he opened fire at security officers as they sought to detain him in the city of Khimki near Moscow.

According to the FSB, the man planned a shooting spree in a public place in the Russian capital.

In a video distributed by the FSB, a man introduced as the killed suspect's brother says that he informed Moscow law enforcement about his brother's association with an unnamed terrorist group in Syria.

The FSB said that officers found an assault rifle and grenades at the site where the shooting took place, adding that "evidence, proving the suspect's links with an international terrorist group banned in Russia," had been found.

On July 17, the FSB said it had prevented "a terrorist act" in the Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk, where people have been protesting for more than two weeks over the arrest of the regional governor, Sergei Furgal.

The FSB said at the time that an alleged terrorist who planned a shooting spree in "the place of large gathering of people" in Khabarovsk had been apprehended.