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Russia Accuses Georgia Of Provocations

Russia's Foreign Ministry has accused Georgia of provoking Moscow by making espionage accusations and linking a series of explosions to a Russian military officer.

Earlier this week, Georgia arrested six Georgians for a series of bomb blasts that killed one person, and officials said they were recruited by a Russian military intelligence officer.

A Russian Foreign Ministry statement today said that what it called the "latest invention of the regime of [President Mikheil] Saakashvili" carries a "very provocative tone."

The ministry dismissed the accusations and alleged that the Georgian authorities were behind the explosions.

It said Tbilisi's allegations were aimed at tarnishing Moscow's image before the next round of UN-mediated talks intended to help defuse Russian-Georgian tensions.

Georgia has complained of Russia meddling in its affairs since the countries fought a brief war in 2008 over Georgia's breakaway pro-Moscow region of South Ossetia.

compiled from agency reports