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Hungarians Demonstrate Against Antimigrant Fence

A thousand people demonstrated in Budapest on July 15 against a controversial fence that Hungary is building on the border with Serbia, aimed at keeping out migrants.

The rally was organized by civic groups. Protesters carried banners that read "Jesus was a migrant, too" and "My best friend is a migrant.”

Hungary began work on the first section of a fence on the outskirts of Morahalom, 180 kilometers south of Budapest on July 13.

The fence will be four meters high and 175 kilometers long.

So far in 2015, Hungarian authorities have registered 78,190 migrants crossing the border illegally, about 77,600 of whom have entered from Serbia.

Most of the migrants, including children who hike for weeks trying to cross Macedonia and Serbia, come from the war-torn countries of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

Based on reporting by AFP, Reuters, dpa, and AP