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Hungarian PM Wants EU To Erect New Greek Frontier To Stop Migrants

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Hungary's prime minister says the European Union should establish a new frontier on the northern border of Greece as a "line of defense" to stop migrants.

Victor Orban, known for his tough antimigration stance, said on January 8 that a recent deal with Turkey will not be enough to stop hundreds of thousands of migrants from coming to Europe.

Hungary put up fences on the country's southern border last year to keep out migrants and asylum seekers.

The fences initially drew criticism from Hungary's European Union partners, but several countries, such as Slovenia and Austria, have since raised barriers of their own.

Orban said: "It is nice that [Turkey] has promised that there would be a line of defense there, but we need to build one of our own from our own resources on the northern border of Greece and stop -- not slow down, but stop -- migration."

The EU has offered Turkey some $3.26 billion in aid and political concessions, including easing of visa restrictions, in exchange for increased cooperation to stem the flow of migrants.

The European Union said on January 7 that Turkey is not doing enough to decrease the flow of migrants into Europe.

Germany alone has said about 3,200 people are arriving each day, many through Turkey.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP