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Suspects Plead Not Guilty In Indian Gang Rape Case

Five men have pleaded not guilty to charges that they raped and murdered a student in a New Delhi bus in December in a case that prompted outrage across India and abroad.

The men were formally indicted in a closed-door hearing on February 2.

They face 13 charges, including murder, gang-rape, abduction, and destruction of evidence.

The fast-track court will begin hearing the evidence of witnesses on February 5.

A sixth suspect will be tried separately in a juvenile court.

The prosecution said it has strong evidence against the suspects, including blood-stained clothing, DNA matches, and eyewitness statements.

The men are accused of assaulting the 23-year-old female medical student and her male companion in a vehicle, then throwing them out on the road.

The woman later died of her injuries.

The survivor testified that many motorists ignored his calls for help before anyone stopped or police were called to the scene.

Based on reporting by AP, Reuters, and dpa