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Inquiry: Iraqi Civilian Death A 'Great Stain' On Britain's Armed Forces

The mother and son of Baha Mousa who was beaten to death while in British Army custody
An independent British inquiry has found that, in 2003, British soldiers in southern Iraq beat to death an Iraqi civilian in an act of "unjustified and brutal violence."

The inquiry said the death of hotel worker Baha Mousa in British custody left a "very great stain" on Britain's armed forces.

Mousa was arrested, along with nine others, at a hotel in the southern city of Basra by British soldiers searching for weapons and insurgents in September 2003.

The detainees were taken to a British military base where they were hooded, handcuffed, and beaten. Mousa, a 26-year-old father of two, sustained 93 visible injuries, including a broken nose, broken ribs, and severe bruising.

He died two days after his arrest.

The inquiry led by a former judge was set up by the former Labour government in 2009 at a cost of $20 million.