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Introducing 'The Power Vertical Podcast'

David Satter
David Satter
In the first edition of the newly minted "Power Vertical Podcast," I spoke with longtime Russia-watcher David Satter, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and author of the book "Darkness At Dawn: The Rise Of The Russian Criminal State" and the forthcoming "It Was A Long Time Ago And It Never Happened Anyway: Russia And The Communist Past."

David boasts decades of experience following Russian affairs as a journalist, scholar, and author. In our discussion, he offered his insight on the latest machinations of the ruling tandem, the prospects for modernization, and the state of Russian civil society.


Listen to or download the podcast below or subscribe to "The Power Vertical Podcast" on iTunes.

Power Vertical Podcast, No. 1
Power Vertical Podcast -- 3/2/11 (Episode 1)
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