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Iran Claims To Foil Sabotage Attempt On Heavy Water Tanks

Iranian authorities claim they have thwarted a sabotage attempt on containers used for transporting heavy water, a key component in nuclear reactors.

The Iranian daily "Arman" quoted the deputy chief of Iran's nuclear department Asghar Zarean as saying "our colleagues…were able to detect and defuse the sabotage attempt."

He did not provide any details on the nature of the threat.

Zarean, who is also in charge of security at Iran's nuclear agency, said the incident happened "in recent weeks."

Zarean did not accuse any particular country or group of being behind the reported sabotage attempt but he did say, "The enemy should know that it cannot take any action against Iran's nuclear activities."

Heavy water is not radioactive but it is essential in both reactors that generate power and in those used in manufacturing nuclear weapons.

Based on reporting by AP and Interfax