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Israel's Netanyahu Calls Iran 'Most Dangerous Country In The World'

As negotiators in Vienna try to reach agreement on a deal giving Iran relief from economic sanctions in exchange for curbs on its nuclear activities, Israel stepped up its warnings about the dangers of such a deal.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Iran "the most dangerous country in the world" and said: "From the moment the sanctions are lifted, tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars will flow into the Iranian economy, something that cannot be reversed."

His comments built on a warning on July 2 that the threat from Islamic State, which launched rockets at Israel this week, is “nothing” compared to the prospect of a nuclear Iran.

“Obviously, no one thinking with a clear mind would consider giving Islamic State nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said. “But in the negotiations taking place now with Iran, this extreme state that spreads terrorism around the world is being given the ability to develop a nuclear weapons arsenal with many nuclear bombs, together with the means to deliver them."

Based on reporting by AFP,, and Jerusalem Post