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Iranian President Says World Powers Must Fulfill Nuclear Deal

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has criticized world powers for not fulfilling all of their commitments under a historic nuclear deal signed last year.

Rohani said on state television on August 2 that the failure to lift all sanctions against Iran had harmed the country's economic growth.

He said that "if the other party had acted properly we would be in a better [economic] situation today."

Rohani added that Iran still cannot access all of its assets held abroad and that the U.S. Congress, Israel, and some other unnamed regional countries had prevented the nuclear deal from being fully implemented.

He admitted, however, that Iran had been able to export much more oil after sanctions limiting exports were lifted and had regained access to the international banking system.

U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby said on August 2 that the government had made the assessment that Iran is meeting its obligations under the nuclear deal and "we're meeting ours."

The nuclear deal lifted multinational economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for a curbing of Tehran's controversial nuclear program.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was severely critical of the United States in regards to the nuclear deal in statements made on August 1.

Based on reporting by AP and The New York Times