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Iran Opens New Space-Tracking Center

Iran's new space-tracking centerin Delijan
Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has opened a new center for monitoring space and tracking objects passing near the Earth.

Ahmadinejad visited the center in the town of Delijan, some 200 kilometers south of Tehran, on June 9, accompanied by Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi and other officials.

The IRNA news agency reported that the center will share its data with agencies in other countries.

Vahidi was quoted as saying the purpose of the base is to secure Iran's "space facilities" and to monitor objects, "especially satellites," that pass overhead.

He said the Delijan center uses radar, radio, and electro-optical tracking methods.

Iran currently has nine command-and-control centers for its space program, including one in Syria.

Based on reporting by AP and IRNA