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Iran TV Channel Hacked

Hackers have attacked the social media accounts of Iran's Arabic-language channel Al-Alam on April 12, posting material supportive of the Saudi-led air strikes against rebels in Yemen and claiming the rebel leader had been killed.

Al-Alam accused Saudi Arabia of being behind the hacker attack, which hit Al-Alam's official Twitter account and its YouTube channel.

The hackers posted information that the leader of the Iranian-backed Huthi rebels in Yemen, Abdulmalik al-Huthi, was dead.

The hackers also posted tweets containing what they said were the names and contact details of Al-Alam correspondents in the Middle East.

Material posted on the Al-Alam YouTube site included a video with a song praising Saudi King Salman.

Al-Alam said on its website that its "Twitter account and its YouTube network were hacked today…by Saudi Arabia and were temporarily out of service."

The channel said it was still trying to regain control of the hacked accounts.

Relations between the two countries have not been good for decades but have grown markedly worse since Saudi Arabia and its allies started bombing Huthi targets in Yemen last month.

Based on reporting by AFP and Interfax