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Iranians Protest In Support Of Bahrain Opposition

Foreign clerics living in Iran protest in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Tehran on April 8.
Hundreds of Iranians have protested in solidarity with Bahrain's Shi'ite-led opposition at the United Nations office in Tehran.

Demonstrators today demanded greater international attention to government violence against protesters in Bahrain, denouncing Saudi support for the country's ruling Sunni family.

Bahrain has recently been the scene of mass antigovernment protests led mainly by the country's majority Shi'ite community and supported by leading figures in the nearby Shi'ite Islamic Republic of Iran.

Bahrain's crown prince warned of "no leniency" for those who tried to destabilize the nation.

The government imposed marital law in March in an effort to maintain order.

Hundreds of people tied to the opposition have also been arrested as part of a government crackdown condemned by rights groups.

compiled from agency reports