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Iran One Of 'Most Important' Issues In U.S.-Russia Ties

Michael McFaul speaks during a visit to Bishkek in May 2010.
A top Russia adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama says Iran "gets more attention than anything else" in official talks between Washington and Moscow.

Michael McFaul, a member of Obama's National Security Council and the nominee for U.S. ambassador to Russia, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Iran is "if not the most important issue in U.S.-Russia relations, [then] definitely one of the most important."

McFaul cited Russian cooperation in imposing several rounds of United Nations Security Council sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program.

He also noted discussions on Iran's Russian-built nuclear power station at Bushehr, and Russia's decision last year to cancel the sale of S-300 ground-to-air missiles to Iran.