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Iranian President Speaks Out Against Hard-Line Critics

Iranian President Hassan Rohani (file photo)
Iran's President Hassan Rohani has derided hard-liners in his country who are critical of his style of governance and his attempt to reach out to the West.

Speaking in a live state television broadcast on April 29, Rohani said his hard-line critics do not speak for Iran.

Rohani has faced a backlash stemming from rising prices of fuel, utilities, and basic foods. It is increasingly coming under attack from Iran’s ultraconservatives

Rohani did not list examples or name any specific factions who are critical of his rule.

But he said his critics should reveal their political identities and "speak on behalf of their own faction," rather than hiding behind "the Iranian nation" mantra.

Hard-liners oppose Rohani’s efforts to work toward a compromise on Iran's nuclear work, which Western powers suspect is aimed at secretly trying to build nuclear weapons.
Based on reporting by AFP and an Iranian state TV